The Covenant of the Pilgrim Parishes of the Blackmore Vale, as revised in 2008.


1.  Our aim is to promote the Mission of the Church by working together in all areas where collaboration may be more effective than working on our own.  We remain committed to our responsibilities within the Deanery and the wider Church.

2. To encourage shared ministry between clergy and laity within and between benefices and specific fostering of collaborative working and local vocation.

3.  To enable local communities to give of their best to God in worship.

Continuing Christian Education
4.  To promote a wide range of learning opportunities which will meet the needs of local communities and the different stages of faith.

5.  To share expertise and experience in the creative and practical use of church buildings and the human resources of the Church.

6.  A forum will be established consisting of the authorised ministers and a representative of the laity from each parish.  The forum will agree upon an action plan and monitor its implementation.
7.  We shall come together once a year to renew our Covenant in the company of the Bishop, or his representative, and to commit ourselves to the action plan.
8.  Every fifth year, we shall invite a suitably qualified person from outside the deanery to monitor our implementation of the covenant.